Change the world!

Hello! and welcome!

I’m the founder of Mind Your Foods, and I’m really happy to see you!

Thank you very much for reading my blog. I very much appreciate it and I hope that I can help you move towards a more healthy and happy life. That’s the mission with this blog – plain and simple! I will do this by posting recipes, tips on a more healthy life and explaining how I live and why I live this way and what effect it has on my life. You are also very welcome to ask me any questions you may have about vegan and vegetarian food and recipes, the alkaline lifestyle, getting more energy – mentally and psychically,homemade skincare, blogging etc.

I was a meat eater for the first 30 years of my life, but then…..

I have always been very interested in food and diet – but always from a “lose weight” point of view. Now my focus is my health and my happiness and that has completely changed my life. Health and fitness is 2 different things and that has really become clear to me the past 5 years. Since then I have completely changing the way I live my life: what I eat, drink and how I think.

I have studied a lot about food, health, links between food and health, positive psychology, how we produce food, how we treat the animals on farms (and factory farms), what effect the wrong food has on our bodies, what effects the production of food has on the environment, how much power the multinational food and medical companies have etc, etc, etc. AND when you do that, there’s no way you will be able to live the normal western lifestyle anymore. For me it is not just my health anymore – it is also about helping others become healthier, helping others make informed choices in the supermarket and also about the animals and the environment.

Plans for 2015

2014 has been tough and I have not had much energy and my creativity has been in standby mode – but I have learned so much about myself and what I want with my life –  and now I’m ready to go after my dream and change the way we look at health and diet in the world.

I will do this by…..

Finishing creating Mind Your Foods Levels  – a health system that will help people get happier and healthier all over the world in a natural sustainable way . I will do this by providing people with knowledge, tools and support in a worldwide community

Yes I know – it is a VERY big goal, but I’m a very strong believer in going for your goals and aiming high. Goal setting will also be a big part of Mind Your Foods Levels.

Once again – thank you very much for reading this. Let me know if there’s topics you would like to read about and recipes you would like to have a healthier take on.


For questions and comments:


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