Virtual Vegan Potlock 2014: Edamame-Coconut Trifle with Spelt Crumble

13 Dec

PicMonkey Collage4

This year I want to get noticed! My goal in life is to help as many people as I can get happier and healthier and for that I need to “get out there”. So I asked myself a question: How can I make a dish that stands out a bit – There are so many bloggers in this fantastic event now? A DESSERT!! Most people like desserts – and healthy desserts are always a hit. But…. there will most definitely be some truly amazing desserts in the Virtuel Vegan Potlock 2014. Why not make a starter dressed like a dessert? Great idea I thought and after countless hours in my kitchen I suddenly got it right: A savoury trifle!

 But I certainly didnt start out where I ended up. For most of the time the headline for this post was: Brownie with icecream!

I tried so many different things in my efforts to make a savoury brownie with non-sweet ice cream – I also had to included citrus which is the featured ingredient for this years Potlock.


And boy was it was hard to find out how to make it. I have spend so many hours in my kitchen the last couple of weeks. In the process I made a lot of strange things – but some very cool recipes and ideas came out of it. For example I found out how to make an omelette – without eggs. I will be blogging about that very soon. I also found out how to make a very good vegan gravy full of taste. That will also be featured in a blog post in the near future. I found out that making desserts that looks like starters and mains – and starters that look like desserts is a fun way to invent new cool recipes, so I will try to do that a lot – and of course blog about it.

After looots of attempts on brownies with icecream I suddenly had a blender full of the smoothest edemame mousse – “THIS IS IT” I thought – and I started to think about how I could use this. And this is how I ended up with a savoury trifle. I think it turned out delicious 🙂

I think this will be a good starter for NEW YEARS EVE, if you want to try something new and different this year. You can also use the mousse as a dip or spread for sandwiches. It goes very very well with toasted dark rye bread.

Edamame coconut trifle

For 4 people

For the edamame mousse

350 grams of frozen edamame beans

1/2 cup of sesame seeds

100 ml of oat cream or unsweetened soy milk

2 teaspoons of fine himalaya salt

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

1 teaspoons of crushed cumin seeds

Juice of 1,5 lemon

Boil the edamame beans in lightly salted for 15 mins. Leave to cool. When cool put everything in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. You can also use a stick blender (tastes even better if you leave it in the fridge overnight).

P1010149 P1010163 P1010182

Lime Coconut milk

1 can of organic coconut milk

Juice of a lime

a pinch of salt

Blend all the ingredients for 10-15 sec.

Spelt crumble

1 cup of pearled spelt grains

1 teaspoons himalaya salt

1 tablespoon of sunflower oil

Put the spelt in a bowl and cover with boiling water and a plate on top. Leave for 10 minutes. Heat up a pan to medium heat and roast the grains in oil and add the salt. They need to be crisp, but be careful that they don’t burn. It will take about 10 mins. Leave to cool.


Finish the starter

Take a wine glass, martini glass or another smaller glass. Start with the mousse – half an inch (You can use a pastry bag for this), pour on a few tablespoons of the lime coconut milk and then half an inch of the spelt. Do these 3 steps one more time. You are now ready to serve.

Edamame Coconut Trifle - Starter - Virtual Vegan Potlock

Thank you for stopping by my blog – I hope we will see each other again soon. Now please continue the journey through the Virtual Vegan Potlock. The next blog is Brays of our Lives – so hit “Go Forward” and enjoy!


Baked Eggplant And Mushroom Soup – Virtual Vegan Potlock Entry November 2013

16 Nov

Baked soup

This I my 3rd time in the VVP and I’m so pleased that it is getting bigger and bigger. I choose a different category every time and this time it is soup time for me.

I have found a very quick way to make soups – by baking the ingredients! Usually my baked soups is some variation of a tomato soup  (see this blog post for a recipe), but for this VVP I wanted to do something new.

I went to the supermarket and was scounting for ingredients for the soup and ended up going for eggplant, mushroom and onion – a soup combination I had never tried – or heard of before. I told one of my friends about my VVP entry and she was sceptic – that is until she tried it. She loved it!…. And I hope you will too.


For 4 people you will need:

1 eggplant

500 grams of mushrooms

2 big onions

2 cloves of garlic

½ chili



Sesame seeds for the topping

Fresh herbs for serving – mint, parsley, coriander (cilantro)

Turn the oven to 200 degrees (400 Fahrenheit). Cut the eggplant, onion, mushrooms, garlic and chili into smaller pieces, add to a baking dish and season with salt and pepper.  Leave 2 cm eggplant, ½ onion and 1-mushrooms for the crunchy toppings.


Bake the veggie for 25 min. While they get ready, you can do the toppings. Cut the topping “leftovers” into very small pieces and fry in sunflower with sesame seeds until crisp.

When the veggies in the oven is golden, blend them together with about 500 ml. water and add to a saucepan.


Serve hot with the toppings and some green herbs such as mint, parsley or coriander.


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Quick and delicious spinach dish – use it as a starter or with pasta

31 Aug


This dish is very easy to make. 10-15 mins – and you are ready to eat – and it tastes fantastic. I was inspired to do it on  a holiday in Poland. I thought the tha Polish cuisine wasn’t much more than meat and cabbage. But was I wrong! I was very surprised to find many vegetarian options on the menus, and if you order a salad you will get a huge portion.

You only need very few ingredients to make the dish and you can use it on it’s own as a starter or for pasta.


200 g fresh spinach
1 big onion, chopped
2 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
100 g mushrooms, sliced
1 tablespoon sundried tomatoes (in oil), chopped
½ teaspoon nutmeg
Thin sliced parmesan, thinly sliced (optional)
Fresh pasta (optional)
Sunflower oil

Fry onion and garlic for about 3 mins. Add mushrooms and fry at high heat for 5-7 mins until the mushrooms are golden. Add the spinach and turn down heat to medium heat. After about 5 mins the spinach will have reduced a lot – add the sundried tomatoes and fry for a few minutes more. Add salt, pepper and nutmeg to taste.

When I serve the dish as a starter I plate up with a food ring to make a nice round shape. If you eat cheese place thinly sliced parmesan and maybe serve with some good bread.

If you use the dish for pasta grate the parmesan on the hot dish.



Need some energy?

14 Aug



Today I came home a bit tired from some good busy days at the office. I decided to make a juice that would give me some energy.

If you need some energy late in the energy – or before doing a workout or a run – this is the juice you want! The beets help with circulation and the other ingredients will energize and alkalize our whole body.

For 2 pints of juice:

3 beets

1 organic lemon

1 courgette

1 yellow bell pepper

1 cm ginger

Just juice everything whole if possible with your juicer – if not cut into smaller pieces.

Quick juicy summer dish – that can be made on the barbecue!

27 Jul

Here’s a VERY quick summer dish. It takes 15 min to make, is very cheap, satisfying and healthy – even alkaline too.


Take 2 washed ‘little gem lettuces’ (baby romaine) and half them and add sunflower oil to the cut side and season with salt. Grill on the cut side.

Slice spring onion in half and grill as well on the cut side. I also grilled some radishes.

Grill some thin slices of spelt bread – put some olive oil on the hot bread and add tomatoes, salt and peber.


Easy Cheezy Chili Pizza Snails – My Virtual Vegan Potlock May 2013 Entry

11 May

Yes I know – a Pizza Snail doesn’t sound that appetizing – nor very Vegan. But I wanted a title that would catch your attention – Did I succeed?

IMG_0975 IMG_1018

With more than 150 participants in the Potlock this time I want to make sure to make an impact and get some more followers, so I can succeed with my vision: TO HELP 1.000.000 PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD GET HEALTHIER. Sounds good? You are actually helping me just by reading this blog post (so thank you) – if you decide you like what your read, you can be apart of the MIND YOUR FOODS revolution by following and sharing it – Thank you in advance 🙂

….. And now what you came here for: a recipe for a vegan appetizer!

Normally I’m all for making everything from scratch – I grow my own veg and sprouts, bake bread without yeast, make dressings and sauces, soak and cook beans etc. But sometimes you just need something delicious and fairly quick. If you make sure to get good organic ready-made stuff and you only take the easy way out once in a while you will be alright, because stress is actually more bad for you than a lot of fast food 🙂

I write that my recipe is fairly quick, because some might think that a quick dish takes 5 min and other people think a quick dish takes 1 hour to make. The only “time consuming” thing in this appetizer is the vegan cheeze – that takes about 10-15 mins to make – and you can make it in advance. It keeps in the fridge for 3-4 days and makes a very good sandwich spread as well. Do the dishes while the snails are in the oven and you will have a clean kitchen and food ready in 40 mins (The macadamia nuts needs to soak in water for 3-4 hours – if your have a VITAMIX you can make it without soaking). You can make this into normal pizzas as a main dish as well.


What you need from the supermarket for making appetizers for 4 people:
2 wholewheat, spelt or rye tortillas – sprouted if you can get them where you live
200 ml of your favorite tomato pizza or pasta sauce – I use a spicy version
2 large onions – finely sliced rings
Sunflower oil – I only cook with sunflower, grape seed and coconut oil as they can be heated to high temperatures without being toxic and loosing their healthy qualities.

Cherry tomatoes – halved
A bag of mixed lettuce

Quick basil dressing

2 handfuls of fresh basil
Lemon juice (of half a lemon)
50 ml. olive oil


For the vegan cheeze (This recipe will make you enough for about 4-6 regular pizzas):

100 grams macadamia nuts – or cashews (Soaked in water for minimum 3 hours)
500 ml. water
Juice of half a lemon
1 garlic clove
2 tablespoons of tapioca starch/flour – If you can’t get it where you live – use potato starch or arrowroot
1 teaspoon of salt
2 tablespoons of sunflower oil
1 very finely chopped chili pepper (optional – you could also make a plain cheeze or use another herb)

Set the oven to 220 degrees (430 F).

I start out by making the vegan cheeze. Blend all the ingredients except the chili. It needs to be very smooth. Put the mix in a saucepan and heat up on high heat and turn down to medium after a few minutes. You need to stir all the time to stop the cheeze from burning to the pan. It might start to part and look a bit weird – but just keep stirring and after about 5 mins your cheeze is ready. It should look like yoghurt. Set aside while making the rest.

IMG_0986 IMG_0994 IMG_0990 IMG_0992 IMG_0997 IMG_1002 IMG_1015 IMG_1025 IMG_1024 IMG_1040

Spread out the tomato sauce on the tortillas – all the way to the edges. Cover the pizza with onion and drizzle with sunflower oil. Bake in the oven for 5-7 mins (If you are making this as a normal pizza for a main course add the chili to the cheeze and spread the cheeze on to the pizzas and bake for approx. 15 mins until the tortilla is crisp and the cheeze is golden).

IMG_1048 IMG_1060 IMG_1051 IMG_1063 IMG_1061

Prepare the dressing while baking.

Blend 2 handfuls of fresh basil with juice of half a lemon, some salt, some pepper and 50 ml. olive oil.

IMG_1067 IMG_1069 IMG_1070

Take out the pizzas – take care when handling it. Roll the pizzas and cut in 1 inch slices. Place back on the backing tray in groups of 3 – put against each other to keep the tortillas rolled up. Heat up the cheeze again to make it easier to handle – stir in the chili. Spread over the snails and bake for another 10-15 mins until the cheeze is golden brown.

IMG_1073 IMG_1074 IMG_1078

IMG_1076 IMG_1083 IMG_1089 IMG_1101 IMG_1100

Plate up with a handful of lettuce, the dressing  and a few cherry tomatoes – Voila!

IMG_1127 IMG_1118 IMG_1119

(Did you manage in 40 mins?)

Here’s a few pics of the regular pizzas (and of me eating all the snails!)

IMG_1144 IMG_1146 IMG_1149

IMG_1128 IMG_1132 IMG_1138 IMG_1135

Thank you very much for making your way through the Virtual Vegan Potluck. I hope you have enjoyed my post and will enjoy all the other blog posts as well.

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Tom Kha Gai without the Gai – Vegan Thai coconut soup

10 Feb

TOM KHA GAI used to be my favourite thai dish. I used to get it everytime EAT had it in their soup menu. I haven’t had in since becoming a vegetarian though – as the name says – it conterns chicken. TOM means SOUP or COOKED, KHA means galangal root and GAI means chicken. Then last weekend I went to Warsaw and saw it in the menu at SUSHIZUSHI. This restaurant is a cool sushi place in the center the city. I asked if they could make it without chicken – and they could – it was amazing! And I knew I had to make it at home and blog about it, so everyone of you could try it. It is very easy and quick to make.
You might have to go to the local thai shop to get galangal root, but everything else should be stocked in the local supermarket. I also use thai baby eggplants – but they can be left out.

Fresh and tasty!2013-02-10 11.39.02

I surfed the internet for recipes on the dish to get the most euthentic dish and get the small tricks from the thai chefs. I then adabted it to my lifestyle, so it would be 100% vegan – here goes:

1 can of coconut milk
4 tbsp of coconut manna/coconut cream
600-700 ml. vegetable stock – preferably yeast free

4 spring onions
2 carrots
1 sweet red pepper or red bell pepper
7-8 mushrooms – I dont recommend eating mushrooms more than once or twice a month because it’s a fungi
3-4 thai eggplants (optional)

1 thumb size galangal root (get it in you local thai/chinese shop)
½-1 chili
2 sticks of lemon grass
Small handful coriander – you can include the stalk
5-6 kefir lime leaves – frozen is okay
Juice of 1 lime or lemon

Noodles if you like.

Prep 1
Galangal: Wash the root and cut into paperthin slices. Bash with a meat mallet to bring out the flavour
Chili: cut in the very thin slices
Lemon grass – cut into 3 pieces and bash once with meat mallet

galangalThai ChiliesLemon Grass
Coriander: Use the leaves and stalk. coursely chop. Coriander is one of the herbs where you can use the stalk as it is not bitter like other herb stalks.
Kefir lime leaves: Cut in half – you need to be able to see it in the soup to take them out before serving. Bash a few times with the meat mallet.
Spring onions: Finely slices

2013-02-10 11.37.452013-02-10 11.35.39Spring onions

Bring the stock to a boil, turn down the heat to a simmer and add coconut milk and manna/cream if you have that. Make sure the soup is lump free before adding any other ingredients. Add lime/lemon juice, galangal, kefir lime leaves, lemon grass, chili (leave some for garnish) and spring onions.

Let simmer for 10 mins while you preper the rest of the veggies.

Prep 2
Carrots: finely sliced
Red pepper: Cut in 1-2 cm thin slices
Mushrooms: Cut each into 8 pieces
Thai eggplants: cut into 8 pieces

MushroomsRed peppersThai egg plant

Now add all the veggies to the soup and simmer for another 5 mins.

Take out the lime leaves and lemon grass before serving – use a large spoon with holes.

Take out the lime leaves and lemon grass
Garnish with coriander and chili

2013-02-10 12.30.22

Serve! Add noodles if you like.

GO NUTS!…. with nut butter

24 Jan
Nut butter

How to make nut butter. I made 3 different kinds in under an hour

I have never made nut butter before. Actually I have not really eaten it before. But 2 days ago I went to the local health food store, where I tried hazelnut butter. And its fantastic! It almost tasted like Nutella.

You can make so many different kinds of nut and seed butter – sauvy and sweet. I made 3 different kinds and that only took an hour.

You can roast the nuts or make a raw nut butter. I made roasted hazelnut butter.

Take 200 grams of hazelnuts and roast for 7-8 minutes in 200 degrees oven (395 Fahrenheit).

You can make you nut butter with or without the skin. You can easily remove it by putting the nuts in a tea towel at rub for a few minutes.


Make your own nutella

IMG_1840 IMG_1841 IMG_1842 IMG_1844  IMG_1846 IMG_1847 IMG_1848

Now add the nuts to a food processor and start processing. It takes about 10-15 min of processing before the butter is ready. For a while it will be hazelnut flour but slowly you will begin to see the nut flour turning runny. It’s ready when you can pour it out of the food processor.

I made one without skins, one with skins and one with skins which I added a bit of cocoa, cinnamon and vanilla. The last kind is very similar to Nutella 🙂

The butters can keep for months in the fridge – but they won’t 😉


Start the new year with a cleanse – Lose weight and get a lot of energy!

4 Jan Græskar tomat suppe

Have you eaten a bit too much over christmas and new years? Start the year with a soup cleanse! A 7-day cleanse will get you off to a great start to 2013.

1) Start your day with a glass of water with lemon right when you open your eyes. This will wake up your entire body.

2) Have a smoothie or juice for breakfast (Try to have as little fruit as possible) – try a juice with cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger – blend with avocado. Or just blend everything if you don’t have a juicer.

3) Have soups for lunch and dinner – Here’s your first recipe – Spicy Winter soup with Pumpkin and Tomato. You can also try my creamy cauliflower and courgette soup or roasted tomato and red pepper soup. TIP: Make a thick soup to bring to school or work – then add boiling water and enjoy (I don’t advise to use the microwave oven)

4) Take a long walk, do yoga or even a short run every day the next 7 days

5) If your feel like giving up, you can eat some vegetables with high water content – thats better than giving up.

6) You can feel a bit bad after a few days – but don’t worry – it’s only for a day or 2 and its the toxins coming out of your body. Believe me – it’s worth it. You will feel so good after the 7 days.

7)If you have the option to use a sauna your cleanse will be even more effective

8) Put some good vegetable oils in your smoothie and on your soup – remember that only sunflower oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil will stand high temperatures.

Let me know how you are doing! And feel free to ask questions by commenting or sending me an email on



2 onions –

5 tomatoes

half chili

1/4-½ Hokkaido pumpkin

2 red peppers

2 cloves of garlic

Salt – himalaya or sea salt


Chop up all the ingredients. Place in baking pan on a baking sheet. Dizzle with sunflower oil. Season with salt and pepper. Bake for 20 mins at 200 degrees (400 F). Blend. Put in a pot and add water to desired consistensy – heat up and serve.

7 day cleanse2012-11-22 18.35.172012-11-22 18.41.44

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (with a recipe for a healthier treat for the holidays)

23 Dec

I have now been a blogger for 1 year – and what a great year it has been! I have now decided to quit my good job in one of Denmark’s biggest banks and start a business helping people to a more healthy life with more energy and happiness. I will help people lose weight and have less sick days. I’m so excited!

For my last blog post of the year I’m giving you a recipe for a treat, that is a bit more healthy then the stuff most people eat around christmas. It’s a raw coco-chocolate-orange bar.

The prep time is about 10 minutes – and after that is has to cool in the fridge for an hour (or freezer for 15 mins)

2012-11-22 22.06.562012-11-22 22.08.472012-11-22 22.09.072012-11-22 22.11.07

You will need:

12 fresh dates, pitted

100 grams of coconut flour

50 grams good quality pure cocoa powder – e.g Valrhona

50 grams of hazelnuts, grind in coffee grinder

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Orange zest of 1 orange (organic)

4-5 drops of orange oil (or blood orange oil)

Process everything in a food processor or blender into a smooth firm paste – I use a hand blender with a chopper. If it is too dry you can add a bit of juice from the orange – no more than a couple of tablespoons.

Take to pieces of paper baking sheets and place the mixture between the paper. Roll it with a rolling pin until it’s about ½cm thick. Sprinkle some coconut flour over the mix and roll a few times more to make it stick.

2012-11-22 22.56.302012-11-22 22.59.00

Use a pizza cutter to cut it into small pieces. Cool in the fridge for about an hour or in the freezer if your guest are arriving soon (Or you can’t wait) 🙂